How does Joe Burrow’s recent contractual agreement influence the Cincinnati Bengals?

How does Joe Burrow’s recent contractual agreement influence the Cincinnati Bengals? Furthermore, the Cincinnati Bengals have now secured their quarterback and the embodiment of their franchise.

The Bengals have officially inked a pact with Burrow for a five-year extension valued at a staggering $275 million, of which an impressive $219.01 million is guaranteed, as disclosed by sources to ESPN. This contractual arrangement catapults him into the annals of NFL history as the highest-earning player, a thoroughly merited recognition for an athlete who has orchestrated a remarkable transformation of Cincinnati’s franchise.

Subsequent to Burrow’s challenging rookie season marred by a severe ACL and MCL injury to his left knee, Cincinnati has flourished under his leadership during his initial two complete NFL seasons. The Bengals have clinched two divisional titles and achieved consecutive appearances in the AFC Championship Games, culminating in their triumphant 2022 campaign that culled the franchise’s maiden Super Bowl berth since 1989.

Here, we delve further into the intricacies of Burrow’s contractual agreement, its implications for the Bengals, and what the future holds.

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What does this signify for Joe Burrow?

This contractual accord firmly establishes Burrow, now 26, as the cornerstone of the Bengals’ quarterback position for the foreseeable future. This agreement solidifies his role as the bedrock upon which the entire franchise’s future is constructed.

In December, when queried about the timeframe within which the Bengals could vie for a championship, Burrow wittily remarked, “The window extends throughout my entire career.” This sentiment has permeated the organization, particularly following the Bengals’ awe-inspiring season, which matched their historical record for the most regular-season victories at 12. The team’s dominance extended to a commanding road victory over the Buffalo Bills in the divisional round before bowing out to Kansas City in the AFC Championship Game.

Throughout the eight-game winning streak from Week 9 through the end of the regular season, Burrow demonstrated remarkable accuracy by completing 67.4% of his passes, amassing 18 touchdowns and a mere six interceptions. In three of those games, his completion rate surpassed expectations by over 10%, as per ESPN Stats & Information. Notably, Burrow, now entering his fourth NFL season, boasts the highest career completion percentage in NFL history at 68.2%.

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Can the Bengals retain other key players, including wide receivers Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins?

The Bengals must factor in Burrow’s substantial contract as they navigate the intricacies of salary cap management in the foreseeable future.

Over the past two seasons, Burrow has accounted for approximately 5% of the team’s total salary cap. This fiscal flexibility enabled Cincinnati, under the guidance of executive vice president Katie Blackburn, daughter of Bengals owner Mike Brown and a stalwart figure in the franchise’s administration, to execute substantial contracts, particularly on the defensive front. In 2022, Cincinnati incurred a cap charge of $101.2 million for defensive players, ranking third highest in the NFL according to Roster Management System.

Burrow’s new contractual arrangement will undoubtedly impact Cincinnati’s capacity not only to secure future free agents but also to retain existing star players. While linebacker Logan Wilson secured a lucrative four-year extension worth a potential $37.25 million in August, Tee Higgins, another member of the heralded 2020 draft class, remains without a contract extension. Sustaining their presence on the roster could prove to be an arduous task.

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The overarching question pertains to the duration for which Cincinnati can retain the trio of Burrow, Higgins, and Chase. Ja’Marr Chase, NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2021, has delivered stellar performances in his initial two NFL seasons. Since entering the league, he ranks sixth in total receiving yards and second in total receiving touchdowns, as per ESPN Stats & Information. It’s imperative to recognize that Cincinnati’s front office anticipates continued salary cap growth, but they must also factor in the burgeoning financial demands placed on top-tier receivers.


In 2022, the Kansas City Chiefs executed a trade that sent wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for five draft picks, including a first- and second-round selection. Subsequently, Hill secured a monumental $120 million contract with Miami, establishing himself as the highest-paid receiver in the NFL with an annual average of $30 million.

Given Chase and Higgins’ remarkable contributions, they are poised to command substantial salaries, creating budgetary complexities even prior to the culmination of Burrow’s new agreement.

How long has this contractual negotiation been in progress?

Joe Burrow’s contract extension has been a subject of discourse for an extended period, tracing its origins back to the previous summer. Following the Bengals’ unprecedented journey to the Super Bowl at the close of the 2021 season, their first appearance in the championship game in 33 years, franchise owner Mike Brown lauded Burrow for his instrumental role in the franchise’s resurgence. Brown also hinted at the imminent substantial financial commitment to Burrow.

“In the present moment, our most prominent and pressing matter centers around our quarterback,” remarked Brown in July 2021 when addressing the team’s impending contractual negotiations. “It’s not yet finalized, but it’s firmly on the horizon. We see the train approaching.”

Immediately upon the season’s conclusion, Bengals coach Zac Taylor underscored the significance of contract discussions with Burrow for the front office.

“That process commences internally now,” stated Taylor on January 30, the day after the conclusion of Cincinnati’s season. “As you move forward, you start conversations regarding Joe and all other players who are eligible for new contracts.”

How does Joe Burrow’s contract compare to other notable QB agreements?

The 2020 draft class played a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of quarterback contracts prior to Burrow and the Bengals reaching their accord.

Firstly, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts secured a lucrative contract following his role in guiding the team to a Super Bowl appearance. According to Roster Management System, Hurts’ contract averages an astounding $51 million annually, with $180 million guaranteed.

Shortly thereafter, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson inked an extension averaging $52 million per year, which held the distinction of the highest annual average in NFL history until late July when the Los Angeles Chargers and Justin Herbert reached terms on his extension.

Herbert, drafted just five positions after Burrow as the Chargers’ first overall pick in 2020, was poised to earn an annual average of $52.5 million under a five-year extension, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Notably, despite lacking the playoff success of Hurts and Burrow, Herbert stands alone as the sole player to amass over 4,000 passing yards in each of his first three NFL seasons.

Another noteworthy contract is that of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. In 2020, Mahomes secured a substantial $141 million guaranteed as part of a ten-year extension that could potentially reach a staggering $503 million. Notably, Mahomes’ deal is structured to be accommodating for the team, featuring significant incentives and substantial annual payouts in the form of roster bonuses. Alongside a $10 million signing bonus, the Super Bowl champions structured substantial roster bonuses into the contract, with one reaching a remarkable $49 million in 2027.

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